Tellnet Webmail is a free service to customers with Tellnet POP3 email and allows you to check your messages simply by using any Internet-connected computer. Webmail provides the freedom to roam, read your emails and respond to or compose new email wherever you are, through any standard Internet browser.

Email Only:
POP3 (Post Office Protocol, version 3) is a protocol that allows you to download your messages when you want to from a mailbox on Tellnet's mail server to your local machine using an email client (such as Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger etc). Tellnet can provide email only accounts even if no website hosting or other services are required. We will host your domain name and provide you with a POP3 email account. Our standard email only hosting product includes domain name hosting and one email account that will accept anyname@yourdomain.

Email Only Account:
£40.00 per annum

SMTP Feed:
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a server-to-server protocol that usually operates in the background, and is the standard way mail is transported across the Internet.

SMTP simply routes email messages from one mail server to another. If you have an 'always-on' broadband Internet connection you can use a Tellnet SMTP feed to forward mail to your own in-house SMTP server. You will be responsible for the set-up, maintenance and administration of this server.

MX (mail exchanger) records on our DNS servers control where mail is delivered so if your server is unexpectedly offline, a Tellnet machine will accept mail on your behalf and store it for up to five days allowing plenty of time for your mail server to come back online. We do not keep copies of mail that has passed through our mail servers.

SMTP Feed:
£40.00 per annum

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