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A Tellnet Managed Server is dedicated to your business only. This is vastly more efficient than your website sharing hard disc space, processing power and network with hundreds of other organisations, businesses and individuals on a shared server, no matter how well those servers are configured and connected.

For smaller companies and individuals, shared web hosting is a practical low cost option while their web presence becomes established. However, as your business and web presence grows a dedicated managed server delivers a mature solution, substantially more secure from attack and abuse, providing maximum performance for visitors, ample room for content and capable of supporting additional advanced features for web developers that are not possible on a shared server.

Top level security delivers uninterrupted performance:
Importantly, a dedicated managed server is only accessed by individuals within your organisation, so it is substantially more secure from accidental abuse or malicious attack than is possible on a shared server. The server itself is protected by a robust network firewall.

Room to grow your online presence:
With a dedicated managed server, it becomes more practicable to deliver large media content, such as video, as available hard disc space changes from tens of megabytes to tens of gigabites and beyond - typically a thousand times more room. By choosing a Tellnet Managed Server you are able to choose software and operating systems that are not practical or permitted on shared web hosting servers.

Replace multiple hosting fees with a single server:
Many organisations operate several websites. By choosing a Tellnet Managed Server you can host all your current domains as well as new domains as required. Frequently this makes a cost benefit over web hosting sites individually. All these sites then benefit from increased performance and security. Some managed server customers choose to host their associated companies' websites on their servers, recovering hosting fees from them.

Easy to maintain:
Depending on your web developers' level of expertise, they will usually be able to manage the server for you themselves on a day-to-day basis; adding new domains, email boxes etc - once it has been commissioned by our specialist technicians. Tellnet experts then provides technical support to keep things running smoothly. Experienced web developers can manage the server through familiar low-level administrative access tools, or through their proprietary server management software of choice.

A managed server delivers effortless performance:
Tellnet Managed Servers provide all the benefits of server operation without needing to be involved in the routine work of looking after it. Once configured to your needs, your server operates as familiar webspace. When additional features are enabled, such as advanced visitor statistics, new domains, forwarding etc, we can set these up for you at modest and predictable costs.

Constant backup for peace of mind:
As part of our standard service, your dedicated server is constantly backed-up (mirrored) to another machine. So should the unthinkable happen, you can be up and running with current data in the shortest possible time. Additional tape or other backup procedures are available according to your needs.

Value for money:
Our clients, including corporates, public sector organisations and SME’s, enjoy the combination of robust service, expert support and value for money that Tellnet Dedicated Servers deliver.

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